Studio Restaurant Tundra

Studio Restaurant Tundra offers you aesthetic experiences and culinary pleasure in the form of a private restaurant, cooking courses and a professional ceramics studio.

This charming studio restaurant is the realm of Chef and Ceramist Jarmo Pitkänen, whose unique gastronomy is founded on his long experience in kitchens all over the world.

A meal full of northern aromas, at a table set with the designware ofTundra Ceramics Studio, in the idyllic North Finnish town of Kuusamo - an experience you will not forget!

Maître Rôtisseur and Ceramic Artist Jarmo Pitkänen

rotisseursJarmo Pitkänen is both a professional ceramic artist and chef de cuisine, as well as a dedicated world traveller. His Studio Restaurant Tundra is a private restaurant which offers a taste of excellence in most unlikely of surroundings. The building hosts a ceramics studio and a restaurant for parties up to 30 people. At Studio Restaurant Tundra Pitkänen also organises cooking courses and provides luxury catering.

The culinary philosophy of Jarmo Pitkänen has been influenced by his many travels. Pitkänen has lived and worked, and, most importantly, absorbed the atmosphere and local flavours in China, Australia, Hungary and Venezuela.

- For me it is essential to get aquainted with the traditions and flavours of every place I have had the good fortune to visit. Food offers a way into the grass-root culture of the place. In my restaurant, I wish to reflect the traditions of North Finnish cuisine, in the form of meals cooked from the fresh ingredients and aromas provided by our local forests and lakes.

Chef Jarmo Pitkänen

Ceramics Studio


Tundra Ceramics Studio is located on the first floor of the Tundra building. Here Jarmo Pitkänen designs and makes his high-quality tableware, interior design pieces and unique statues.

As a matter of course, Studio Restaurant Tundra place settings and table decorations are designed and made by the Tundra host himself.

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