Cooking Course Menu

for 6-20 persons
  • Blini Menu

    119 €/person

    Classical Russian blinis represent seasonal food at its best also in Finland. Finns celebrate winter with these delicious buckwheat pancakes topped with cold-smoked fish and traditional forest mushroom salads.  We will begin with making blinis which make a beautiful starter to our meal.

    For the main course we will roast chicken breast fillets, and for dessert we will prepare a traditional Finnish dessert, an assortment of small biscuits in the style of petits fours. Assortment of Blinis with the Freshest Flavours of Kuusamo

    Small buckwheat pancakes with three toppings
    Open-fire-grilled Chicken Breast
    Countryside salad
    Traditional Finnish Petits Fours
    Coffee or tea

  • Christmas Party Menu

    119 €/person

    Finns like to extend the Christmas period by doing everything to fend off the darkest time of the year with candles, twinkle lights, festivities, delicious food, warm drinks, and good company. Christmas celebrations are begun in Finland well before Christmas Eve which here is celebrated as the day Santa Claus brings us presents. On Christmas Eve Finnish families gather together to have a great family dinner. Schools, companies and friends have Christmas parties in December, to lighten the excitement of anticipation.

    Salmon Pastrami
    Mousseline sauce
    Grilled Pork Ribs
    Roasted root vegetables glazed with spruce-tip syrup
    Christmas Apple Cake
    Coffee or tea

  • Scapas Menu

    139 €/person

    Scapas are tapas made in the Scandinavian way. We will prepare delicious, small starters from fresh seasonal ingredients such as fish, wild mushrooms, and game of the Kuusamo area. For our main course we will prepare lavaret. The meal will be finished with the ultimate chocolate treat, a fondant. Scapas à la Kuusamo

    Four different dishes
    Wildfish Wallenberg
    Chocolate Fondant
    Spruce-tip mousse
    Coffee or tea

  • Gifts of Neptune Menu

    129 €/person

    Kuusamo is famous for its forests and lakes. Fishing has always been an integral part of the daily life of everyone who lives in Kuusamo. The excitement felt when catching fish, be it with rods, nets or traps, mirrors the deepest feelings of the Finnish soul. Studio Restaurant Tundra is located by Lake Piskamojärvi which is known for its excellent stock of whitefish. In winter it is also possible to catch pike, perch, roach and burbot with nets from under the ice. The catch of the cay is presented to the chef who thrives on teaching us how to cook delicacies from these noble fish.

    Lifting nets from Lake Piskamojärvi at the private shore of Studio Restaurant Tundra, and then preparing our catch into a delicious meal, is an unforgettable experience. It is only a short walk along a snowmobile path by foot or with snowshoes down to the lakeshore from the Tundra buillding.

    Warm Drinks during a brief introduction to winter fishing
    We learn to clean and prepare a three course meal of our catch of the day 
    e.g. “Kalapottu,” a traditional fish-and-potato casserole from Kuusamo
    Glow-fried Catch of Today
    Seasoned with herbs
    Wildberry trifle
    Coffee or tea

    Separate charge for fishing at the private shore of Studio Restaurant Tundra.

  • Reindeer Menu

    139 €/person
    Amuse Bouche à la Tundra
    Roach Tartar
    Herb sauce
    Reindeer Roast
    Herb potato puree and tar sauce
    Ice Cream Surprise
    Coffee or tea
  • Imperial Russian Menu

    169 €/person

    The Czar of Russia held his court in St. Petersburg at the turn of the 20th century. The cuisine of the imperial court became very famous thanks to the French chefs that the Romanov family invited to head its kitchens. Special ingredients were fetched from near and far. The Finnish provinces were also famous purveyors of meat and fish to the demanding French chefs and to the dinner tables of the Czar and his family.

    This evening we will prepare a Russian feast in the tradition of the last Czar and the imperial Romanov family. We will drink a toast of champagne to set us in a royal mood as the recipes are introduced by the chef. For the first course we will prepare a Russian zakuska table which is made up of several delicious starters. Our main course will be snow grouse Souvaroff, and for dessert we will prepare an apple crown.

    Russian Zakuska Table
    Snow Grouse Souvaroff
    Warm Apple Crown
    Ginger-flavoured whipped cream
    Coffee or tea

  • Menu Red King Crab

    175 €/person

    If you wish to set out to cook the largest shellfish of the Nordic arctic region, this cookery course is bound to be an unforgettable experience. The Varangerfjorden red king crab is justly regarded as the king of crustaceans. 

    We will begin the evening by preparing appetizers from fresh, northern ingredients.

    For the main course we will cook red king crab legs with especially selected season’s vegetables.

    For dessert we will make a classic – chocolate fondant.

    Three Scapas of the North
    Red King Crab Legs
    Season’s Vegetables
    Double Chocolate Fondant
    Coffee or Tea

  • Tundra Flavours and Forms

    Price upon request.

    What role does the presentation of food play in the overall enjoyment of an exquisite meal?  What is the role of the dishes and cutlery we use for our table presentation?  This course teaches us to see the harmony between flavour and form.  To achieve this harmony, we use the dishes specifically created for this course at Ceramics Studio Tundra.  

    The Tundra Studio concentrates not only on producing decorative ceramic sculptures for the interior decoration of the home – we also create pieces designed specifically to heighten the dining experience.  The Tundra dishes offer endless variations for the everyday table as well as for the fine dining experience of most festive occasions. Tundra Flavours and Forms Menu will be tailor-made for each group and prepared from only the freshest of seasonal produce.

  • Bear Menu

    Price of the day
    Opinions sometimes differ on how delicious bear meat actually is. The meat of a young bear is very often decidedly milder than that of an older animal. Different marinades and cooking techniques also play a significant role in the preparation process.
    On this course we learn how to prepare a delicious meal out of bear meat. Together with the chef, we will decide well in advance which technique and cooking method will be chosen to guarantee a perfect outcome for this most wonderful meal. The menu will begin with lime-marinated lavaret, and it ends with a gourmet version of a delicious dessert called "poor knights" in Finnish.

    Lime-marinated Lavaret
    Roe mousse
    Bear Meat à la Mode

    Poor Knights Gourmet Style
    Coffee or tea

We recommend the courses for 6-12 participants.
Wine recommendations and prices on request.
Please reserve 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours for cooking and enough time for the enjoyment of the dinner.
Prices of the day will be quoted for all game menus – bear, venison, wild rabbit, and wild fowl. Feel free to expand your experience! 
We can offer net fishing, mushroom foraging, berry picking, etc., depending on the season!  
New ideas are always welcome!

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