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Minimum billing €800 (food + beverage) per group

  • Flavours from Near and Far – Tundra’s Gastronomic Journey Around the World

    79-149 €

    This gastronomic journey is inspired by the culinary travels of Chef Jarmo Pitkänen. His aromatic memories are displayed in a meal prepared from the finest wild ingredients of the Kuusamo lakes and forests. Flavours from all over the world add their own twist to the dinner, along with some ingredients originating in faraway places.

    4 courses €79
    6 courses €99
    9 courses €119
    12 courses €149

    Please let us know of your dietary restrictions when placing your order.

  • Wild Food Tasting Menu

    89 €

    Minimum group size 10 people
    This classical menu comprises local tradition and new northern cuisine. The famous Kuusamo freshwater fish and wild game with other fruits of the forest are served in small, tasty portions, both warm and cold.
    The dishes are served from Studio Tundra ceramic platters, for the guests to assemble the selection they prefer.

    The ingredients used in the dishes are, for example, whitefish, vendace, ide, perch, roach, and ruff, with reindeer, venison, and forest mushrooms. The menu culminates with a wild berry trifle.
    Wild Berry Trifle
    Coffee or Tea
  • Menu Tundra

    90 €

    The house menu is a unique combination of ceramic design and culinary art.
    The many delicious flavours of Kuusamo seasons are served on plates especially designed and hand-made in Ceramics Studio Tundra.

    The main course for this menu is recommended by the Chef, and selected in advance.
    Tundra Cocktail
    (non included in the menu price)
    Scandinavian Tapas
    Selection of small delicacies made of season’s fish, game, and wild mushrooms
    (3 items)
    Main Course: Chef’s Recommendation
    Chocolate Sculpture
    Coffee or Tea

  • Menu Kuusamo

    110 €

    Classic Lappish delicacies à la Tundra, to honour the Kuusamo region.

    This menu brings you the most typical and individual ingredients of North Finland. This flavour palette comprises many exotic aromas of the northern wild herbs such as meadow sweet or angelica.

    Menu Kuusamo climaxes in the dessert: northern forest berries and chocolate crowned with aromatic wild herbs.

    A toast to Kuusamo (champagne)
    Freshwater Fish Trilogy
    Reindeer à la Tundra, with seasonal accompaniments
    Chocolate, Meadow Sweet and Forest Berries
    Coffee or Tea

  • Menu Red King Crab

    145 €

    The menu starts with appetizers made from the best delicacies of the Nordic arctic region. Scapas à la Tundra are served on platters especially designed for them in Ceramics Studio Tundra.

    The evening’s main course is red king crab, the largest shellfish of the Arctic Ocean, caught from Varangerfjorden. The climax of this menu is a delicious classic dessert – chocolate fondant.

    Selection of Five Scapas à la Tundra – specialities of the arctic north
    Red King Crab Legs, cooked in two styles
    Season’s Vegetables
    Double Chocolate Fondant
    Coffee or Tea

  • Menu Signature

    300 €

    Menu Degustation of Seven Courses

    A feast of form and flavour for true gourmands. Studio Restaurant Tundra brings you a combination of fresh, northern ingredients and genuine Finnish design. The elegant atmosphere of our restaurant creates a perfect setting for this exquisite experience.
    Tundra’s symphony of aromas and form is rooted in the ancient elements of fire, ice, earth, and air, and accompanied with the opportunities granted by the changing circumstances of the Nordic seasons.
    The seven-course Menu Signature is a unique exhibition of edible sculptures by Chef and Ceramic Artist Jarmo Pitkänen of Studio Restaurant Tundra.
    Season’s best flavours from lakes and forests – the pure aromas of the wilderness – are served in an atmosphere rich with the magic of the north.

    An artefact made of chocolate and sugar will present an unforgettable climax to the evening.

    The entire table setting is designed and hand-made in Ceramics Studio Tundra.

    The dinner includes a numbered and signed menu card and a ceramic item from Ceramics Studio Tundra.

    Minimum group size 2 people

Minimum billing €800 (food + beverage) per group

Drinks are not included in the menu price.

Please let us know of your dietary restrictions when placing your order.

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